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Model 797
Dose Calibrator
Flood/Ref Sources
Nuclear/PET Hot Lab Package
PET Products
Arm Support/Imaging Acc.
Clinical Recliners
Decay Drums/Barrels
Foot Stool/Carts/Stand
Fume Hoods
Graseby Pump
Imaging / Phlebotomy Chair
Imaging Tables Accessories
IV/Instrument/Inj Stand
Lead Bricks
Lead Lined Products
Leg Rests
Log Books
Misc Supplies
MRI Supplies
NMIS- Nuclear Medicine Information System
Patient Pillows
Patient Positioners
R-Wave Trigger
Radiopharmaceutical QC
DTPA Radioaerosol
Rolling Radiation Shield
Scintimammography Pad
Sharps Containers
Sony Products
Survey Meters
Syringe Carrier/Holder
Syringe Labels
Syringe Shields
Table Top L Shields
Table Pads
Thyroid Uptake/Well
Ultrasound Gel
Vial Shields
Wipe Test Counters
Xenon System/Supplies

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PB Shipper is shipped for Large Field of View Flood Sources 16.5” x 24” if ordered without a lead lined case
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Our catalog includes a wide variety of items for Nuclear Medicine and PET.

If you require any supplies not listed on our web site or in the catalog, please let us know. Our product line is constantly being expanded to keep up with the changing technology.

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